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Thursday, September 1, 2011

August 15th, football practice and media day

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Spencer started high school. A freshman. It is hard to believe just a few more years and he will be graduating. He is already talking about what he wants to do after he graduates school. He mentioned being a sports medicine doctor, he loves history and threw around the idea of being a history teacher but after a few days of JROTC he is now talking about joining the Air Force.

I am amazed every day how quickly he is growing up. How tall he is and how proud I am of the man he is becoming.

I didn't get any early morning before the sun comes up pictures this year of him for the first day of school. But I definitely took my camera to his football practice and media day. Jerome took off work early to be there for media day, even though it wasn't at all what we expected (to much Friday Night Lights I guess), but we enjoyed it anyway.

I can't wait for the football games to start, the cold chill in the air, the sound of the announcer and players on the field, the crowd.....everything about the football games he is in I love.

He told me the other day he wasn't going to play next year because he dad won't be here to see him play.....I reminded him that I enjoy watching him play. "Yes, but you don't understand football like dad does", he said to me and laughed. "It doesn't matter how much I understand....I understand it enough to know when to cheer for my son out on the football field", I told him.

Media Day 04 57

Jerome was yelling, "Run freshman run!" in his best Forest Gump voice to Spencer here, we were all laughing. Natalie actually took this shot and the two that follow. I LOVE this picture of the two of them. Jerome is so proud to watch him play and Spencer loves the football bond they share between them.

Media Day 07 57

Media Day 05 57

Media Day 06 57

I love that Natalie took those pictures.

Spencer had to take an X-Large football helmet. I won't say what they call the yellow things that go on them at practice....but they couldn't get Spencer's on his helmet.

He practiced hard that day. I was surprised, because he had had very little sleep the night before, went to school all day and then practice right after. It didn't take him long to fall asleep once we were home that evening though.

Media Day 10 57

Media Day 11 57

Bear Crawls.

Media Day 12 57


Media Day 14 57

Media Day 13 57

Water Break.

Media Day 15 57

Media Day 17 57

End of practice and time to head home, fill out a million papers, dinner and get ready for the next day of school.
Our life stays so busy during this time of year, so busy sometimes I feel like I'll go crazy with all the running around. But watching Spencer out on the field playing the game he is all worth it.

August 15th, first day of school

The first day of school.

Natalie is in 5th grade this year.

Katie, first day of school

They spent a lot more time getting ready this year for the first day of school. Natalie excitedly put on her make up. While Katie put on her clothes she had meticulously picked out a week before school even started.

Natalie picked out a backpack on looks, Katie picked out a backpack on size. She went through three backpacks last year. I continually reminded her that she didn't need to bring everything home, but she insisted. She picked out one this year that she was sure to be able to carry her school supplies to and from school every day that wouldn't tear up. And even though she rarely pulls all the stuff out that she carries home and to school everyday, she is a happy camper knowing it is tucked away neatly in her backpack.

Sisters, first day of school

I'm glad I was able to get one of them smiling together that morning. Because that afternoon, when the bus ran I could hear them arguing with each other all the way home.

I closed the door and sucked in that last few minutes of quiet for that day. They came stomping up the steps arguing.
Natalie burst in the door saying, "Mom! Katie is ruining my 5th grade year already!"
"No I'm NOT!", Katie screamed. Then I calmly asked Natalie what happened that she is so upset about.
"Well, she insisted on sitting in the back of the bus! Only 5th graders are supposed to be sitting in the back of the bus.I've waited my WHOLE life to get to sit on the back of the bus! And now this year I'm in 5th grade and Katie is not and she sat in the back of the bus and when all of us 5th graders told her to move she wouldn't and she was yelling and told us that she could sit anywhere she wanted to!", Natalie wailed.
Katie very matter of factly replied, "Well, I asked Mr. AlJo if I could sit in the back and he said that I could, so I did."
"But YOU AREN'T SUPPOSE TO KATIE!", Natalie screamed.
Obviously, there is an unwritten rule that only 5th graders are allowed to sit in the back of the bus. All the kids from school know it and have always gone by the unwritten rule.

So after calming both of the girls down and insisting they QUIT yelling at each other. I sat down with Katie and explained to her that even though she could sit in the back because Mr. AlJo said she could, it doesn't mean that she should. I reminded her that she will be a 5th grader next year and will want to have that privileged feeling of being able to sit back that with the 5th graders only, and that she wouldn't want some 1st grader back there because it was her turn be be that 5th grader who gets to sit in the back of the bus. She sadly agreed and also agreed to not sit in the back and that she would wait her turn.

Thirty minutes later they were outside jumping on the trampoline laughing and having fun together again.

They have been like this since they were little. They will argue with each other like crazy then not ten minutes later are laughing and playing and having fun. I just hope they don't continue this pattern in high school. I hope that they can learn how to work out their differences without yelling at each other. How to be not only sisters but best friends. How to respect each other and each other's belongings.

Time sure does have a way of sneaking up on you. I can't believe how much all three of our kids have grown. I was curious to see and compare this years first day of school picture with their kindergarten year. I still remember each of their first day of school, Spencer was sleepy but excited, Natalie was beyond excited and Katie was timid and nervous about her first day.

Blog 04

Blog 05

I don't have one of Spencer to show for this year. It is the first year I didn't take one of him in the early morning darkness before he catches the bus. This year he was up until midnight the night before school working on a school project that was due the very first day of school. He had put it together wrong and had to redo the whole thing.

I just couldn't help but think to myself, "Good one....great way to start the year off on the right foot.....up until midnight helping on a school project that he had ALL SUMMER to finish".

When Spencer came home from school, he reminded me that I also forgot to get chocolate waffles for is a small tradition that was unknowingly started as a tradition Spencer's second year of school.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 12th, Soaking up the last bit of summertime.

The last day of summer vacation we spent the day being lazy.
Natalie and Katie played with our neighbor's grandkids at the pond. They were fishing and catching turtles most of the day. Molly enjoyed watching them and would "sniff" the turtles after they would catch them and then watch them throw them back into the pond.
Fishing 02 web

Fishing 03 web

Fishing 04 web


web 2

Spencer however waited until the week before school starts to begin reading his required English reading of "Cleopatra's Daughter". He spent most of the day in the rocker on the porch finishing up reading his book.

Summer Reading

Then he spent the rest of the evening working on the project that was due the very first day of school. It was 10:30pm when he finished the project only to learn he had put it together wrong. Thankfully Jerome had picked him up a few extra pieces of posterboard and he was able to redo his project. He climbed in bed very late that night. I couldn't help but think this is exactly how NOT to start the school year off.
He had no problem reading the first book, "Maximum Ride", he couldn't put that book down and had it finished before the first week of summer was completed. If only he had done the same for the honors English book.....

August 8th, Sick.

Katie seems to take after me when it comes to ear infections. She always seems to have them.

This one was a bad one though. Her pediatrician prescribed her antibiotic ear drops but after a night of crying and sleeping in bed with me and Jerome I knew I needed to take her back in. Her ear canal was almost swollen shut and all this time I just thought the medicine wasn't working (actually, it wasn't, because it wasn't getting to the place it needed to be).

A few days later she was sleeping back in her own room and running around playing outside.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Chic 01 blog

Blog 01 chickadee

Natalie had a wonderful fourth grade teacher this year. Everyday while they were doing this chic project at school Natalie would come home and tell me about what they had learned that day. She had an orthodontist appointment one day and was very anxious to get back to school because they were doing something very important with the eggs that day.

Along with this, she asked me if she could bring her chick home when it hatched. I right away didn't like the idea because I know little chicks become big roosters or hens....and that I didn't want. I repeatedly told her if I wanted to live on a farm and raise chickens I would have and that I really, really didn't want to have a chicken. Then I would remind her how often we have to tell them to feed or water Molly, our dog.....that they begged for too.

Eventually I gave in. She was so into this project at school and really, really wanted to bring her chick home. The day we picked the chick up from school you would have thought it was Christmas morning. She talked to her chick and held it close to her, then looked at me and gave me a hug and a thank you for letting the chick come home with us.

I couldn't wait to get my camera out to take some pictures of Natalie and her new chick, which she named "Buddy".  I took a lot of pictures and laughed watching her with her new chick. It started pecking at her arm and she laughed and said, "Buddy likes my freckles! He is pecking at my freckles!".

That was about two weeks ago. Since then we have ALL become attached to Buddy. He is getting bigger every day. Natalie agreed when I told her that we could bring Buddy home that when he got to big to stay inside that he would go to her friends house who has a farm and a good place where Buddy can live.

Natalie is tired of cleaning up after Buddy and asked me today when we were going to take Buddy to another home to live. I asked her why and she said, "Oh, I don't know. He makes a big messes now." I think she is ready for him to go, but everything is reversed now and I, I am not ready to see Buddy go.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


A few weeks ago me, Jerome and the girls watched our wedding. They had never watched it before and loved it.

Well, except for the crazy hair that everyone had....they were rollling in laughter at some of the hairstyles.

They laughed at Jerome's "knee socks" and asked him why he was wearing knee socks in the wedding. He told them they weren't knee socks, laughing, and then told them they were Navy dress leggings and something special he wore for a surprise for their mommy.

Katie laughed and said, "Well.....they look like knee socks".

When the wedding ended, Natalie looked at us and asked us how much a wedding costs. We told her A LOT if you have a big wedding these days.

Then she smiled a sweet smile and said, "Well, I want a big wedding".

We laughed and told her she had better start saving for it now.


Never, not once did I think Natalie took what we said to heart.

There is a new store that opened in the mall called Charming Charlie, I've been promising them a trip there to buy something if they can keep up with their chores and earn their own money to buy something.

This evening, Natalie and I had a conversation that made me laugh and smile.........and pull her close to me and give her a hug.

The conversation went a little something like this:

Me:   Natalie, pretty soon you'll have enough money saved to go to Charming Charlie.

Natalie: (very matter of fact like) Mom.....I'm not saving my money for Charming Charlie!

Me: (rather confused, then looked at her)  Well, what are you saving your money for?

Natalie: (very excitedly) My WEDDING!!

Me: Your wedding?

Natalie: (very matter of fact again) and daddy said if I wanted a big wedding I needed to start saving for it now.

Me: (thinking this would be a good time to have a conversation just her and I) What kind of wedding do you want to have?

Natalie: I want a big wedding. I want a trane that is long....but not froofy like yours was!! I want it to cover my face. I want a long dress with sleeves.

Me:   That sounds very pretty.

Natalie:   Yes. And.....I want to marry a military man!

Me: (very surprised) A military man huh?

Natalie: Yes.

Me:   Well then, what kind of military man?

Natalie:   One with a nice uniform, not knee socks like daddy's. A uniform that is black, blue, gold and red.

Me: Do you mean a Marine?

Natalie: Yes, I like that uniform. It looks nice.

Me: Oh.....I see. (smiling)

There was a little pause and then......

Natalie:   Is it hard being married to a military man mommy?

Me:   It's a tough life chic.....but it is wonderful.

Then we just snuggled and she went on and on about her wedding. What her bridesmaids would wear. What kind of cake she wanted. What kind of flowes she would have.

I laid there and held her while she talked.

Realizing that these moments won't last long.

That pretty soon these wedding dreams she has planned really will be coming true.

And in that little space of time....I just wanted to remember her being little. Her telling me all of her dreams and plans for when she grows up.